Happy Independence Day!!!  Number 243 if you are counting.  The Des Moines metro and surrounding suburbs are ready to roll out the Red, White and Blue.  From carnival rides, candy throwing parades and fireworks of all shapes and sizes will provide fun times for many. 

Growing up I remember traveling to my grandparents for their town’s celebration. Of course we didn’t have the fancy games of chance, the celebrations of today offer. Tossing the ring on bowling pins in hopes of winning the grand prize or throwing the 3 darts to pop as many balloons as possible.  

What I did enjoy the most was at the end of day after the fireworks finished, everyone went to my grandparents and ate watermelon that had been cooling in the stock tank all day so it was refreshing cool.

So celebrate responsibly this year, and if you have pets please ensure they are save and comfortable.  And look out for those suffering with PSTD as this time of year may be hard for them.

Happy 4th of July.